Reviews of my work in scientific journals (selection)

Milestones Timeline

Nature (2008)

University/Xerox discovery may enable the ultimate computer

Xerox, The Document Company (1997)

Propagation in avalanches in magnets assisted by quantum law

Cordis (2005)

Discovery of a new physical phenomenon...

Physorg (2005)

Nanocomposite Extraordinaire

C&EN 13 (2000)

Freely Rotating Magnetic Particles

Physics Today 19 (2000)

Datalagring i enskild molekyl

Forum NR 2/97 (1997)

Hysteresis Steps Demonstrate Quantum Tunneling of Molecular spins

Physics Today 17 (1997)

Spanish researchers probe quantum relaxation

Research matters (1995)

Spanish researchers probe Quantum Relaxation

- (-)

Efecto túnel cuántico en polos magnéticos

Investigación y Ciencia (1994)

Experiments Signals a New phase of Quantum Dot Measurements

Physics Today (1997)

Physics Today

Physics Today (-)

Tunneling secrets extracted

Nature (1998)

Quantum Hysteresis in Molecular Magnets

Nature (1996)


Science (1996)

Raf gets it together

Nature (1996)