Selected patents


Device and method for separating magnetic nanoparticles

Tejada, J.; Chudnovsky, E. and Azanza, E.

Applicant: Das-nano

Application number:

Priority number: PCT/EP2012/073414


Security document on which data can be stored and method and apparatus for reading data from and writing data on the security document (EP1646056 — 2006-04-12)

Arrieta Antonio, Jesús; López Díez, Raúl; Tejada Palacios, Javier

Applicant: European Central Bank (DE)

Application number: EP20040024139 20041009

Priority number: EP20040024139 20041009


Security document comprising means for authentication and method for authentication of security document (WO2005064551 — 2005-07-14)

Tejada Palacios, Javier; Arrieta Antonio, Jesús

Applicant: European Central Bank (DE)

Applicant Number: WO2004EP14667 20041223;

Priority number: EP20030029829 20031224.


Systems and methods for producing superradiance using molecular magnets (US2004100997 ― 2004-05-27)

Tejada, Javier [ES]; Hernandez, Joan M [ES]; Amigo, Roger [ES]; Ziolo, Ronald F [US]

Applicant: Xerox Corporation [US]

Application number: US20020303825 20021126

Priority number: US20020303825 20021126.


Microwave power measurement and spectral analysis technique involves magnetic material treatment for magnetic susceptibility and magnetization monitoring in resonator (ES2222791 ― 2005-02-01)

Tejada Palacios, Javier [ES]; Garcia Santiago, Antoni [ES]; Amigo Junque, Roger [ES]; Hernandez Ferras, Joan Manel [ES]; Gazo Pastor, Javier [ES]

Applicant: PREMO S A

Application number: ES20030000091 20030115

Priority number: ES20030000091 20030115.


3D printing Material Encoding

Tejada J.

Application number: PCT/EP2014/061844