Quantum Nanomagnetism


Quantum Nanomagnetism

Santander 2012

Quantum Magnetism

USA 2011

Cuerpo Humano y Mecánica Cuántica

Barcelona 2011

Quantum Nanomagnetism

USA 2011

Experimentos a bajas temperaturas con ondas acústicas...

Madrid 2009-2011

Magnetic Deflagration and Detonation?


Magnetisme a petita escala


Quantum Magnetism

1990-2010 - Magnetismo Cuántico

Deflagration in Magnetism


Quantum Tunneling of Normal-Superconductor Interfaces in a Type-I Superconductor

Microwave Spectrometry for the Assessment of the Structural Integrity and Restenosis Degree of Coronary Stents

March Meeting 2013, Baltimore 18 - 22 March 2013

Colossal reduction in Curie temperature due to finite-size effects in CoFe2O4 nanoparticles

March Meeting 2013, Baltimore 18 - 22 March 2013

Myriam Sarachik and Magnetic Deflagration

City University of New York 22 March 2013

Quantum Nanomagnetism

Argonne National Lab 25 March 2013

Quantum Nanomagnetism and applications

XLVIII Zakopane School of Physics 2013 20-25 May

Magnetic Deflagration: Materials And Related Phenomena

Joint European Magnetic Symposia 2013 25-30 August

Quantum Nanomagnetism and related phenomena

Donostia International Conference on Nanoscaled Magnetism and Applications (DICNMA) 2013 9-13 September

Quantum Nanomagnetism and related phenomena

Columbia-Rice Frontier CMP Lecture 31 October 2013

Novel applications of high frequency radiation: I - THz radiation and Art: inspection of cultural heritage. II - Use of GHz radiation in medicine: aging of coronary stents.

Special Columbia Colloquium Physics for Heritage and Health 1 November 2013

Medicina i Física Quàntica

Sant Cugat 30 January 2014