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Quantum relaxation in random magnets

J. Tejada, X.X. Zhang and E.M. Chudnovsky

Phys.Rev. B47 14977-14987 (1993)
99 1993

Magnetic properties relaxation and quantum tunneling in CoFe2O4 nanoparticles embedded in potasium silicate

X.X. Zhang, J.M. Hernández, J. Tejada, R.F. Ziolo

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Silica aerogel-iron oxide nanocomposites: structural and magnetic properties

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Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling of the Magnetic Moment

E. M. Chudnovsky and J. Tejada

Cambridge University Press (1998) BOOK
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Observation of quantum coherence in mesoscopic molecular magnets

F. Luis, F. Mettes, J. Tejada, D. Gatteschi and L.J. De Jough

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High-Vacuum Versus Environmental Electron-Beam Deposition

Folch-A Servat-J Esteve-J Tejada-J Seco-M

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83 1996

Quantum Magnetic Deflagration in Mn12 Acetate

A.Hernández-Mínguez, J.M. Hernández, F. Macià, A. García-Santiago, J.Tejada, P.V. Santos

Phys. Rev. Letters 95, 217105 (2005)
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A robust nanocontainer based on a pure organic free radical

Maspoch D, Domingo N, Ruiz-Molina D, Wurst K, Tejada J, Rovira C, Veciana J.

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On magnetic relaxation in antiferromagnetic horse -spleen ferritin proteins

J. Tejada and X.X. Zhang

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A nanoporous molecular magnet with a reversible solvent-induced mechanical and magnetic properties

D. Maspoch, D. Ruiz-Molina, K.Wurst, N. Domingo, M. Cavallini, F.Biscarni, J.Tejada, C. Rovira, J. Veciana

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Effect of a transverse magnetic field on resonant magnetization tunneling in high-spin molecules

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Critical behavior of Ising models with static site dilution

J. Marro, A. Labarta y J. Tejada

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Narrowing the Zero-Field Tunneling Resonance by Decreasing the Crystal Symmetry of Mn12 Acetate

Jordi Espín, Ricardo Zarzuela, Nahuel Statuto, Jordi Juanhuix, Daniel Maspoch, Inhar Imaz, Eugene Chudnovsky, and Javier Tejada

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Magnetic qubits as hardware for quantum computers

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Magnetocaloric effect in La0.67Ca0.33MnOδ and La0.60Y0.07Ca0.33MnOδ bulk materials

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Macroscopic Measurement of Resonant Magnetization Tunneling in High-Spin Molecules

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Steps in the hysteresis loops of a high spin molecule

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Magnetic Study of M-Type Doped Barium Ferrite Nanocrystalline Powders

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Magnetic and calorimetric measurements on the magnetocalic effect in La0.6Ca0.4Mn03

X. Bohigas, J. Tejada, M.L. Martínez-Sarrion, S. Tripp, R. Black

Journal of Magn.and Magn. Mat. 208, 85-92 (2000)
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Magnetization and Mossbauer Studies of Ultrafine Fe-C Particles

Linderoth-S Balcells-L Labarta-A Tejada-J Hendriksen-PV Sethi-SA

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Electron beam deposition of gold nanostructures in a reactive enrironment

A. Folch, J. Tejada, C.H. Peters and M.S. Wrighton

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110 1995

Quantum Coherence in Fe-8 Molecular Nanomagnets

Delbarco-E Vernier-N Hernández-JM Tejada-J Chudnovsky-EM Molins-E Bellessa-G

Europhys. Letters 47, 722-728 (1999)
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A robust purely organic nanoporous magnet

J. Maspoch D, Domingo N, Ruiz-Molina D, Wurst K, Tejada J, Rovira C, Veciana

Angewandte Chemie-Internat. Edit.43 (14): 1828-1832 (2004)
104 2004

Isolated Single-Molecule Magnets on the Surface of a Polymeric Thin Film

D. Ruiz-Molina, M. Mas-Torrent, J. Gómez, A.I. Balana, N. Domingo, J.Tejada, M.T. Martínez, C.Rovira, J. Veciana.

Advanced Materials, 15 42 (2003)
103 2003