Personal & academic

Family name: Tejada

Name: Javier

Born: 1948

Family: Married and two children

Student: University of Barcelona (1970-72); University of Munich (1972-75)

Actual position: Professor of Condensed Matter, University of Barcelona

Research grants: CICYT (Spanish Agency) CIRIT (Catalan Agency) CE (European Community)

Private enterprises: Das-Nano, Xerox, Hewlett Packard, European Central Bank, Premo, Samca, etc.

Publications in Physics Journals: +307 (Physical Review Letters, Physical Review B, Nature Materials, Science, Applied Physics Letters, etc)

International Patents: 17

Academic Leadership: Director of 35 PhD students and 25 masterworks of undergraduate students

Academy Membership: Fellow of the American Physical Society, New York Academy of Science, Real Sociedad Española de Física, Societat Catalana de Física

Invited talks in International Conferences and Universities: 131

Main Funded Research Projects: 94

European Projects (7), Resarch Projects with Spanish Agencies (28), Research projects with Catalan Agencies (9), Infrastructures projects (10), Contracts with private enterprises (40)

(Some) Visiting summer and sabbatical appointments (1976-2011):

Technische Universität München, University of California: San Diego, Berkeley and Santa Barbara, University of Trento, University of Stuttgart, Paul Drude Institute Berlin, University of Liverpool, Univertity of Birmingham, City University of New York.