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(317) Narrowing the Zero-Field Tunneling Resonance by Decreasing the Crystal Symmetry of Mn12 Acetate

Jordi Espín, Ricardo Zarzuela, Nahuel Statuto, Jordi Juanhuix, Daniel Maspoch, Inhar Imaz, Eugene Chudnovsky, and Javier Tejada

We report the discovery of a less symmetric crystalline phase of Mn12 acetate, a triclinic phase, resulting from recrystallizing the original tetragonal phase reported by Lis in acetonitrile and toluene. This new phase exhibits the same structure of Mn12 acetate clusters and the same positions of tunneling resonances on the magnetic field as the conventional tetragonal phase. However, the width of the zero-field resonance is at least 1 order of magnitude smaller—can be as low as 50 Oe—indicating very small inhomogeneous broadening due to dipolar and nuclear fields.

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2016, 138 (29), pp 9065–9068

(315) Enhanced spin tunneling in a molecular magnet mixed with a superconductor

J. Tejada, R. Zarzuela, A. García-Santiago, I. Imaz, J. Espin, D. Maspoch, E. M. Chudnovsky

arXiv:1509.07291 [cond-mat.mes-hall] 24 Sep 2015

(313) Resonant spin tunneling in randomly oriented nanospheres of Mn12 acetate

S. Lendínez, R. Zarzuela, J. Tejada, M. W. Terban, S. J. L. Billinge, J. Espin, I. Imaz, D. Maspoch, and E. M. Chudnovsky

Phys. Rev. B 91, 024404 – Published 6 January 2015

(312) Josephson Junction with a Magnetic Vortex

R. Zarzuela, E. M. Chudnovsky, J. Tejada

Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism Vol. 28 nº2 (2015)

(311) Manifestation of coherent magnetic anisotropy in a carbon nanotube matrix with low ferromagnetic nanoparticle content

AL Danilyuk, IV Komissarov, VA Labunov, F Le Normand, A Derory, JM Hernandez, J Tejada, SL Prischepa

New Journal of Physics 17 (2), 023073 (2015)

(310) Resonant spin tunneling in randomly oriented nanospheres of Mn 12 acetate

S Lendínez, R Zarzuela, J Tejada, MW Terban, SJL Billinge, J Espin, I Imaz, D Maspoch, EM Chudnovsky

Physical Review B 91 (2), 024404 (2015)

(309) Zero-field quantum tunneling relaxation of the molecular spin in Fe8 observed by 57Fe Mössbauer spectrometry

E Molins, M Gich, J Tejada, JM Grenèche, F Macià

EPL (Europhysics Letters) 108 (4), 47004 (2014)